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By Hohag L.

Eight работ рождественской тематики, выполненных в технике пэчворк
The Critters are again in a fun-packed ebook with initiatives together with quilts, stockings, reward baggage, and extra. forty four pages, eight colour pages.

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BIRD BASHER In India and Persia (nov Iran), the caracal, which is easily tamed, was trained to catch rabbits and birds. It is a supreme bird catcher, sometimes leaping up and batting a bird right out of the air. Caracals climb well, and have been known to kill eagles roosting in trees. Long, strong legs allow bursts of speed IN UP TO THE NECK The caracal lives in tall grasslands, dry scrub, and semi-desert. 38 (c) 2011 Dorling Kindersley. All Rights Reserved. SERVAL The serval is one of the most striking of the savanna cats.

Nose gets Cats are extremely clean animals, and spend nearly one-third of their w waking hours grooming th l themselves. A According to Hebrew folklore, God created cats when Noah prayed for help. Noah was afraid that rats ld eat all the food he had stored in the would ark, so God made the lion sneeze, and out popped a cat. A cat’s colorpoint pattern — where the ears, face, legs, and tail are darker than the main body color — iis affected ff t by temperature. The pattern is caused by a gene that prevents color in warm parts of the body and allows color in cooler areas, such as the face, ears and tail.

In the Mochica culture in Peru, the puma was worshipped as a god. This sacred golden puma might have been used for some kind of ritual. It is intricately decorated with rows of double-headed snakes. Lynx in winter coat PUMA The puma is an adaptable cat, as much at home on the inhospitable, windswept shores at the tip of South America as on the slopes of the Colorado mountains in the western United States. It hides in rocky places and is a good climber, so it is seldom seen even though it hunts by day as well as by night.

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