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The automaton reads one symbol from the input tape at regular intervals and the reading head moves right to the next symbol on the input tape. Then the automaton enters a new state depending on the current state and the symbol read. These steps repeat until the reading head reaches the end of the input string. If the state reached after reading the entire string is one of the specified final states, the machine is said to accept the input string. The set of strings accepted by the machine is the language accepted by this machine.

This approach is not practical except for small systems with limited 6 INTRODUCTION input space. For larger systems, the time needed to test is prohibitively long. For systems with an infinite number of possible inputs, this approach is of course not viable. Since relatively little training is required on the part of the testing personnel, testing has been and will continue to be used extensively in industry. There are three common techniques for software testing in the current state-ofthe-practice: functional testing, structural testing, and code reading.

Suppose automaton α is deterministic. A nondeterministic finite automaton can always be transformed into a deterministic one. Algorithm 1a executes automaton α on input t for a number of steps equal to the length of t. Because each step of α reads one input symbol, the state at which the automaton ends after length(t) steps determines whether t is accepted. AUTOMATA AND LANGUAGES 33 Algorithm 1b attempts to find, in the (finite) state transition diagram representing the automaton, a sequence of zero or more edges from the initial state to the final state.

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