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By Stephen E Andrews

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This ebook is prepared through writer and comprises a few thematic entries and distinctive different types, equivalent to technology fiction movie diversifications, technological know-how fiction in rock song, and Philip ok. Dick within the mass media. it's also a heritage of technology fiction and a brand new definition of the style, plus lists of award-winners and e-book membership suggestions. incorporates a foreword by means of Christopher Priest, the multiple-award-winning technological know-how fiction writer (with a huge movie version of his publication, The Prestige, launching on the time of publication).

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The narrative is driven 1 02 100 MR SF 8/8/06 9:00 pm Page 2 100 MUST-READ SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS forward by Gren’s voyage further and further into the unknown but what the reader eventually remembers of Hothouse is not so much the quest itself as the inventiveness with which Aldiss creates his alternative world. Aldiss has been an important figure in British SF for close on half a century and his Helliconia trilogy, first published in the 1980s, is an epic vision of the rise and fall of civilizations but his earlier novels, of which Hothouse is a fine example, can scarcely be matched for the sense of wonder and astonishment they evoke.

Read on Galaxy magazine doyens: Damon Knight, In Deep; Fritz Leiber, The Big Time; Edson McCann (>> Frederik Pohl and Lester Del Rey), Preferred Risk; Clifford Simak, Ring Around the Sun; >> Robert Sheckley, Untouched by Human Hands THE STARS MY DESTINATION (aka TIGER! ) (1956) Gulliver Foyle is the sole survivor aboard a wrecked spaceship who seems destined to die alone in the emptiness of space when his distress signals are ignored by another vessel, the Vorga. However, Gully succeeds in navigating his crippled ship to the Sargasso Asteroid, an isolated space outpost where the inhabitants have reverted to tribal savagery, and eventually escapes back to Earth where he starts his campaign of vengeance against the crew members of the Vorga.

01 100 MR SF 8/8/06 8:44 pm Page xxviii 100 MUST-READ SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS themes also continue to reinvigorate the mainstream, with books like Cloud Atlas, The Time Traveller’s Wife, Oryx and Crake and Never Let Me Go, all of which borrow from SF, filling the bestseller charts in the Sunday supplements. SF, MORE THAN SCI-FI After this swift précis of the history of SF, it should be easier to agree a definition. But even the label itself remains uncertain. Judith Merril, Heinlein, Ellison and Margaret Atwood have argued that the term ‘speculative fiction’ should be used instead of ‘science fiction’ in order to broaden the possibilities for the genre so that works outside the technology-fixated Campbellian tradition can be included.

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